Bilingual education : 14 new sites for the school year 2012-2013

The public office for Breton language presented the results of its action for the development of bilingual education offerings during a press conference on August 29th. 14 new sites will open in September, the highest number for 12 years.

The public office is commissioned to develop the Breton language and works toward structuring the offer of bilingual education since end of 2010. The start of the school year 2012/2013 is hence the first year during which the office was able to fully fulfill its duty. This year, the number of class openings has more than doubled. 14 new bilingual sites will open in September : 7 in public schools, 4 in private schools and 3 Diwan schools. It is the first time since 1982 that so many classes were opened in public schools. The Catholic private schools had not opened so many classes since 2005. Finally, it had been 17 years that Diwan had seen the opening of three new classes.

The five breton departements will benefit from this openings. The departement Finistere leads the way with 7 openings :  Brest, St. Thegonnec, Pluguffan, Moëlan-sur-Mer (public schools) Concarneau, Locmaria Plouzane (private schools), Landivisiau (Diwan). The departement Morbihan comes second with 3 openings : Langonnnet, Pluneret (public schools), Auray (private school). Two new Diwan schools will be started in the departement Loire-Atlantique (Pornic and Nantes 2). There will be one opening in the departement Côtes d’Armor (Callac, public school) as well as in the departement Ille et Villaine (Chateaubourg, private school).

During the previous years, the opening rate was rather of three to six sites per year. The public office is delighted that the tight cooperation between all stakeholders in the education sector helped reinforce the momentum of bilingual education by doubling the number of new site openings this year. Between 600 and 800 more pupils will receive a bilingual education. The goal of 15 000 pupils in total is now in sight.

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