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4th International Seaweed Conference 22-23 September 2015 Normandy

Key Topics and Speakers

The Key Topics and Speakers of Seagriculture 2015 are:

seagriculture-4th-international-seaweed-conference-h175“Seaweed product potential: as extract and whole product »

  • Opening: Futuristic view 2015 (global) & development in the area (French North Sea Coast)
  • Seaweed Harvest and Aquaculture: Overview and Projects of experts
  • Market, Quality and Standardization: What about the Quality and standardization for the upcoming Business?
  • Seaweeds for Animals: Feed (additive), fish hatchery, influence on health conditions
  • Seaweeds for Humans: Seaweed extracts and whole products applied in the human industry, consumption market, health market and cosmetics
  • Seaweeds for Plants: Seaweed as elicitor and ex biostimulants
  • Green Chemistry: Seaweed as green chemistry, application as bioplastic and more….
  • Debate and Roundtable session on Economics: Debate with leading industry experts (CEO´s) on their Vision on the economic potential of seaweed in their specific sector

Speakers Announced:

  • Michele Stanley, SAMS – Scottish Ass. for Marine Science, UK
  • Julie Maguire, NETALGAE, Indigo Rock Marine Research Station, Ireland
  • Willem Brandenburg, Wageningen UR, Netherlands
  • Frank Hennequart, OGT, Ireland
  • Stefan Kraan, OceanHarvest, Ireland
  • Jos Huijgense, Meatless, Netherlands
  • Hidetaka Doi, Ajinomoto, Japan
  • Stéphane Travert, French National Deputy, France
  • Paz Perez, Tradecorp International, Spain
  • Håvard Steinshamn, Bioforsk, Norway
  • Shoajun Pang, Chinese Academy of Science, China
  • Jeremy Brebion, ALGANACT, France
  • Olmix
  • Cargill
  • CEVA

Keep an eye on this website and Twitter for more detailed programme information and register for the conference

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Reasons to register:

  • Meet the international seaweed elite
  • Examine new developments
  • Recognize key opportunities for your business
  • Maximize your position in the global seaweed market

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