Gaelic Football thriving in Brittany

Olivier Kowarski summarises the recent events in the lovely coastal town of Dinard last week.

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The 26th of September will remain an important day in the promotion of Gaelic sports in France and in Brittany.

Gerrard O’Connor, Cyril Kevlihan, Phil Cornilleau and Olivier Kowarski arrived at 08:00 at the beach located at the canal lock of the beautiful coastal town of Dinard to install the Leinster GAA Roadshow. After a rather long negotiation with the organizers from the town of Dinard, it was decided to install the roadshow in the middle of the beach to ensure it would be the main attraction throughout the day. After a significant effort of around an hour and a half, the roadshow lifted up to the blue skies of Dinard. The school athletic teachers from all over Brittany were left in awe of this magnificent playing surface.

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The activities began at 10:30. 1800 students from 45 different schools in the region were present and roughly one hundred physical education teachers (EPS in French) to manage and direct all these young students.

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Throughout the entire day Gerrard, Cyril, Phil and Olivier coordinate the different workshops. Gerrard ran the Hurling workshop, Cyril the workshop regarding goal shooting with the target goals, while Phil and Olivier conducted an initiation of Gaelic football including a match between different teams. As a result over one hundred students were introduced to the sports of hurling and Gaelic football!

The presence of the Leinster GAA Roadshow generated a significant and real interest for the spectators. This day also permitted the opportunity to discuss and explain these sports to the EPS instructors present. It is with great pleasure that I can report that many of them expressed a sincere motivation to develop Gaelic football in their schools.

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Furthermore, the presence of hurling elicited a great deal of interest. Contrary to Gaelic football this sport remains relatively unknown in Brittany. However by making use of the “Caman abu” equipment, we intend to develop this sport in the Football clubs of our league and in the schools.

In summary, this event was thus an enormous success for the development of Gaelic sports in our region. I would like to sincerely thank the GAA, Gerrard O’Connor, and Cyril Kevhilan for the great job they have done.

Bests regards.

Olivier Kowarski – ECB Tutor
Youth and coaching Officer
Brittany GAA – Ligue Bretonne de Football Gaélique

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