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29% of Irish families support traffic restrictions in polluted cities

29% of Iranian households will support traffic restrictions such as congestion fees and low emission zones in polluted cities, according to a report by the Central Statistical Office.

A recent survey from The Good Information Project / Ireland Thinks sign to 36% of people support the congestion charge for cars entering Irish cities.

Pete Loon, Head of the Behavioral Research Unit at the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), said, the magazine That charging congestion Effective policy from the point of view of reducing congestion.

Civil Society Organizations Report It also found that more than 69% of rural households would not have an alternative transportation option if road fuel taxes were raised by 10% and would therefore continue to use their cars as much.

These statistics are revealed in the Central Statistics Office’s Household Environmental Behaviors Report, which analyzes Irish households’ attitudes and concerns regarding the environment.

The results are based on the Family Environment Unit that was conducted as part of the General Household Survey carried out by the Central Statistical Organization.

The statistician in the Department of Environment and Climate, Claire O’Hara, said the issue with the highest percentage of « very significant » responses was water pollution:

  • Over 79% of Irish households are rated Water Pollution As a very important environmental concern
  • plastic waste It is rated as a very important environmental concern by 74% of Irish households
  • air pollution rated as a very important environmental concern by 72% of Irish households
  • Climate change It is rated as a very important environmental concern by 69% of Irish households.
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About 60% of urban households rated the lack of urban green space as a very important issue for them, while rural households gave the subject a 39% lower rating.

More than 31% of households indicated that they would not make any energy efficiency improvements in their homes if taxes on home heating fuel were raised by 10%, due to the initial cost.