juin 10, 2023


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700,000 euros of smuggled tobacco was detected in a shipment marked « potato »

Tobacco value over €700,000 has been confiscated by revenue officials at Dublin Port.

As a result of routine profiling yesterday, revenue officers confiscated more than 1,120 kilograms of « roll your » tobacco at the port.

The value of the smuggled tobacco, called « Flandria », is more than €700.00, which represents a potential loss to the treasury estimated at €560,000.

Tobacco was discovered while officers were searching a container that had arrived in Dublin port on a ship from Rotterdam.

The research, carried out with the help of Revenue’s mobile X-ray scanner, led to the discovery of tobacco hidden within the cargo that appeared to be a « potato ».

This takeover is part of Revenue’s ongoing operations targeting the shadow economy and the supply and sale of illicit tobacco products.

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Businesses or members of the public with any information related to smuggling may contact Revenue confidentially at the toll-free number 1800 295295.

Investigations are underway.

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