avril 2, 2023


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Aer Lingus has canceled a number of flights as the increase in Covid cases affects airlines around the world.

Aer Lingus has canceled a number of flights as the surge in Covid-19 cases hit airlines around the world.

The airline said it has canceled four flights today between Dublin and a number of European destinations and another for tomorrow – the return flight between Dublin and Paris.

Alternative flights are offered to customers on the same day.

« Due to resource availability challenges, Aer Lingus is consolidating five European return flights (four on Monday 27 December and one on Tuesday 28 December), » the airline said in a statement.

Aer Lingus is communicating directly with affected customers to inform them of their options, including alternative travel arrangements.

“The Aer Lingus team is working to reduce the impact on customers and provide alternative same-day flight options.

“Like airlines and other industries globally, Aer Lingus continues to monitor and respond to this changing situation.

« We apologize to Aer Lingus for the inconvenience caused. »

The situation is even more dire in the United States as airlines canceled another 800 flights today after thousands canceled over the Christmas holidays. The cancellations were due to a rise in Omicron cases that forced crews to isolate and travelers to seek other forms of travel.

Monday’s flight cancellations were on top of more than 3,000 cancellations over the Christmas holiday weekend, usually a peak time for Americans to travel.

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