février 1, 2023


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Aer Lingus warns of ‘imminent’ layoffs after employees vote against redundancy

AER LINGUS warned that layoffs were imminent, and told cabin crew that their reduced hours and wages would continue « for the foreseeable future ».

The unilateral action from the company comes after employees voted in a ballot against voluntary layoffs and changes to work practices.

In a letter, seen by Independent.ie, the company said it had « identified a surplus in the grade of CSM (cabin service managers). »

She said she had previously indicated that all cabin crew salaries and hours would likely move to 80 percent before Christmas, but a surplus was set after that.

« To address this surplus, CSM will not advance to a work arrangement of 80% in line with other crew grades, and will instead be held at 60% of their base contract hours and pay for the foreseeable future, » the letter said.

Spokesman Aer Lingus He blamed damage to work by the Covid-19 pandemic when Indepenent.ie called him tonight.

The company said it felt employees did not « understand » the « seriousness » of the impacts on business due to the pandemic.

While employees and their union, Forsa, said the company’s actions underscored that the « prevailing view » of management was « not listening » to their concerns as they « struggle to pay off mortgages, rents and other bills. »

In its letter to employees today, the airline wrote that over the past 18 months it has engaged « extensively » with cabin crew regarding the « urgent need for structural and sustainable change » following the « profound impact of the pandemic on our region. » a job. »

She added that the result of the poll highlighted that « the gravity of the situation was not understood » which led the airline to write to the Forsa union.

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Aer Lingus wrote that there is an « imminent requirement » to put a number of Cabin Service Managers (CSM) on a « temporary layoff ».

« It is likely that this layoff clause will continue until 2022, » she added. « In fact, the number may increase. »

The company said it would write to cabin crew in the coming days « detailing the situation as it relates to (employees) individually. »

She added that the airline « will confirm the date on which the lay-off period will begin. »

« There is also the possibility that there will be a requirement to implement layoffs within other cabin crew classes from early 2022, » the letter continued.

« We will be writing to all affected crew members over the coming weeks detailing the situation as it relates to them individually. »

The airline notified employees that there will be no cabin crew pay increases until « the beginning of 2025 at the earliest ».

As of December 1, all commissions generated on flights will no longer be aggregated and will be distributed on an individual basis.

The airline notified employees that voluntary termination packages will be discontinued and “no further termination offers will be offered to individuals under the program.”

An Aer Lingus spokesperson said tonight: “Aer Lingus has been notified that Forsa members, serving as cabin crew, have rejected by ballot the company’s offer designed to achieve the required cost-efficiency.

The structural change proposal clearly identified the serious business challenges and changes in wages and work practices needed to deal with the situation.

“The process took several months of engagement and consultation during which the adverse effects of the pandemic on the airline and its ongoing and ongoing impact were clearly communicated.

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« Aer Lingus has now begun the process of informing Opportunity and the cabin crew of the actions the airline will now implement in order to deal with the challenges. »

A spokesperson for the Fórsa union told Independent.ie: « As you are already aware, earlier this week the cabin crew at Aer Lingus voted to reject the airline’s restructuring proposals.

These proposals have not been negotiated or agreed upon with the Federation.

“The poll result was not much of a surprise given that the Aer Lingus cabin crew had significantly reduced profits and working time for 18 months and the package offered by the airline management only consisted of more wear and tear on their terms and conditions.

“The result confirms the prevailing view among cabin crew that airline management is not listening to their concerns at a time when they are struggling to pay mortgages, rents and other bills.

« The Cabin Crew Branch in Fórsa is considering its next steps and continues to urge Aer Lingus management to work towards recovery in the aviation industry with its employees – not against them. »