mars 21, 2023


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Alan and Frank Haynes say they will accept any court-imposed disqualification

Businessman Alan Hines and his cousin, Frank Hines, said they would accept any disqualification the Supreme Court might impose, they told the judge on Wednesday.

Both are subject to court orders by a liquidator seeking the disqualification and/or restriction of directors as well as the return of assets from the liquidated companies associated with the Tuskar Group.

The court also heard evidence from Frank Hines’ sister, Fiona Hines, that her shares in one company had been transferred to another without her knowledge or consent at a meeting she did not attend because she was abroad on vacation at the time.

Mr. Kirby told the court, among other things, that Alan Haynes, who had previously been dismissed as director, sought at all times to dismiss outright any order against him and to insist that the blame be placed on others who had nothing to do with the case at all. about sin.

He said there were hundreds of communications, mainly via email, from Alan Hines, who also answered on behalf of Frank Hines, which were generally evasive from the questions asked to both men.

Alan Hines and Frank Hines, along with a third man, Dr. Adrian O’Reilly, based in Cambridge, England, were all thought to be guilty, with Frank Hines’ wife, Martina Hines, guilty of a lesser degree. Alan Hines said he worked as a corporate shadow manager all the time.

Kirby is asking the court to order the return of assets allegedly transferred from three related companies.

Kirby is also seeking orders that company officers take personal responsibility in relation to companies for which he says insufficient accounting records have been kept. It also asks the court to assess the damages done to specific individuals.

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Tuskar Real Estate

Mr. Kirby is the liquidator of Tuskar Property Holdings, whose directors and owners were Alan Hines and his wife Noreen Hines until 2009 when it became wholly owned by Dr. Adrian O’Reilly, also one of the defendants in the case and brother of Alan Hines. -Law. Mrs. Haynes is not responsive.

Mr. Kirby is also the liquidators of Hynes Jewelers (Wexford) Ltd and JW Fashions Ltd.

Along with Alan Hines, Dr. O’Reilly, and Frank Hines, who was director of Hines Jewelery and JW Fashion, another respondent is Martina Hines, who co-owns certain assets. The fifth respondent is Tuskar Investment Group Ltd, which is 100 percent owned by Dr. O’Reilly.

Only Alan Hines and Frank Hines appeared in court, both at a distance.

Frank Hines, who joined the hearing for part of Wednesday via audio link, said he is seriously ill and wants the case to be ended. He will agree to any disqualification orders decided by the court and « take it on the chin. »

Before leaving the link, he said, “I just want this unfortunate story to end because it really is […] It just kills me and my family and I feel sick physically. I’ll have to go. »

Alan Hines, who joined via video link, also indicated that he was not opposed to any disqualification order but wanted to reach a settlement with the liquidator over the amount owed.

By the afternoon, Alan Hines had not rejoined, but had emailed the liquidator saying he wanted to see a document that would address the liquidator’s concerns before he signed it and would not seek to cross-examine any witnesses.

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The session continued in the absence of all respondents.