décembre 1, 2022


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Corporate Ireland called for a match of 1.5 million Covid vaccines donated by the public

Corporate Ireland is being called in to match the 1.5 million Covid vaccines provided to low-income countries by the Irish public.

The vaccines were funded by UNICEF Ireland’s Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine campaign, which invited those vaccinated in Ireland to donate the cost of the vaccine to someone in need.

The non-profit organization is now encouraging Irish businesses to support their efforts to vaccinate the population around the world, with seven Irish business leaders writing an open letter in support of the campaign.

UNICEF Ireland Executive Director Peter Bauer told Radio Newstalk that he hopes the corporate community will show the same amount of support as the Irish people.

« The Irish people came together to deliver 1.5 million vaccines to countries without access, so we are now asking the corporate community to match that enthusiastic response by joining this new corporate alliance, » he said.

“And UNICEF is in a really unique position to work with Irish companies, because we are currently vaccinating two billion children throughout the year, and this year we are doubling that capacity to four billion.”

open letter

Letter signed by Irish business chiefs urges fellow executives to join UNICEF Alliance of Businesses for Vaccines, adding that « Irish companies can help turn the tide of the pandemic by accelerating the global spread of Covid-19 vaccines. »

“We stand at a pivotal moment for the global economy. The successful vaccination program in Ireland has enabled the gradual reopening of our economy.”

And while we are proud of Ireland’s over 90 per cent vaccination rate, many of the world’s poorest countries have immunization rates below 5 per cent. This is not true – from an ethical and economic point of view.

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“Ensuring the fair and equitable distribution of vaccines and local access to all countries, regardless of their economic status, is the key to ending the pandemic and rebuilding the global economy.

No economy can hope to thrive until the global pandemic is over

« Just as no one is safe until everyone is safe – no economy can hope to thrive until the global pandemic is over. »


Ireland donates 335,500 doses of COVID-19 vaccine…

UNICEF is currently leading the global procurement and delivery of vaccines under the COVAX Initiative, using its experience to vaccinate nearly half of the world’s children each year.

The initiative aims to have more than two billion vaccines available by the end of the year and is co-led by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, and the World Health Organization.

The pooled investment by Irish members of the Unicef ​​Corporation Vaccine Alliance will support vaccine procurement and delivery through cold chain warehousing, logistics and health worker training.

Furthermore, the investment will support the vaccination of health workers, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups, while addressing the frequency of vaccines and helping in the rapid response to outbreaks of emergencies.