février 1, 2023


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Dublin airport upgrade as contact tracing plane passengers are no longer required under new HSE guidelines

Routine contact tracing of air travelers who have tested positive for Covid-19 has ended, under new HSE advice.

Contact tracing will only take place when public health officials deem it necessary under the new advice.

The tracking of people who traveled to Ireland last week has stopped without notice.

But routine tracing can also be done if there are public health concerns, such as exposure of vulnerable groups, or a significant amount of symptoms between cases, according to the Irish Times.

Other factors that may lead to contact tracing include:

  • More than 10 non-Covid cases on a flight
  • Among people who do not travel as a family or group
  • Confirmation of the ‘non-dominant’ variable of concern

Contact tracing has been recommended for confirmed cases who were on a flight during infection. This involved tracing contacts who sat on two seats or two rows of the case.

If three or more cases are identified on a flight, officials will conduct a risk assessment, which could lead to contact tracing of everyone on the flight.

International travel played a major role in the spread of Covid cases in Ireland in the summer of 2020, according to studies. Last year, a seven-hour flight to Dublin resulted in 59 cases in Ireland.

Travel-related cases also contributed to the increase in cases of the new alpha variant before Christmas 2020.

But as more people are vaccinated, the The recommendation against non-essential international travel was dropped in July.

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