mars 24, 2023


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Ireland enters winter in the face of Covid from a floor higher than most countries in Europe

With decisions imminent on the final community reopening planned for next week, trends around Covid-19 are certainly mixed.

Not surprisingly, there has been widespread strain from the pandemic, accompanied by some disappointment with the mass ‘knockout’ vaccination that was introduced in Ireland.

Despite having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, we currently have one of the highest rates of the disease in Europe.

While many of our neighbors talk about the pandemic in the past tense, the talk here is about a possible fifth wave.

As usual there is no certainty about what will happen, nor consensus among experts, but we are starting from a high base in terms of the number of cases.

We find ourselves in a worse position than countries that have closed down less – or hardly at all – and which have fewer people vaccinated.

Currently, the infection rate of Covid-19 in Ireland is about three times that of France, Germany and Denmark. We are four times the level in Sweden, five times the level in Italy and about six times the level in Spain.

The gap has been around for months, but it hasn’t been sufficiently explained. Ireland has clearly suffered from its proximity to the United Kingdom, where case numbers have been higher than in most cases of the pandemic.

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