juin 8, 2023


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Ireland Euromillions lotto results: Dublin’s newest lucky millionaire unveiled

Dublin has a new millionaire this morning after a lucky gambler won a big prize at the Ireland Only Raffle National Lottery event.

There was joy for one person in the capital as well as at Waterford after they each made a life-changing €1 million.

The two ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ winning raffle codes in last night’s EuroMillions raffle, both worth €1,005,000 are I-LLV-87429 and I-LLV-10793

The lucky player from Dublin bought his winning tickets online at www.lottery.ie With bosses at headquarters urging everyone who picked their numbers online to check.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: « We are specifically asking players in Dublin and Waterford to check their tickets very carefully, making sure to check their numbers and raffle codes.

“Our online players should check their accounts in the National Lottery this morning to see if they have a notification informing them of their €1 million prize. If you are the lucky ticket holder from Waterford, we ask that you sign on the back of the ticket and contact our Prize Claims Team on 1800666222 or E-mail

“And of course, as with any prize of over €1 million, it is important that we inform the winning retailer and of course give the winning ticket holder the time and space they need to allow this amazing win to unfold.”

Last night’s EuroMillions raffle was the fourth and final raffle in the special EuroMillions ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ EuroMillions event which secured five new Ireland millionaires over the course of two weeks through a series of special EuroMillions ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ events.

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Meanwhile, the Lotto excitement continues to build nationwide ahead of Saturday’s highly anticipated lotto draw that is headed toward a real life change of €11.5 million. The current lotto jackpot has been on sale since Wednesday, June 9 and the next winner will become the sixth lotto jackpot winner for 2021. As always, the National Lottery has advised players to play their tickets early to avoid unnecessary queues in store before the 7.45pm time-out.