mars 24, 2023


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Ireland Lotto results: the big jackpot win but the number of players won with good sums

There was no winner of the lottery this evening, as the staggering jackpot of €17 million runs through Saturday night.

The first prize in this evening’s main draw was €1,112 for 47 people who matched 5 numbers.

Another 60,000 players won small prizes, but the life-changing amount remains unclaimed again.

One Lotto Plus 1 player matched five numbers this evening and would collect €5,000 in winnings, while another 57,000 got small amounts in this draw.

Maximum cash prize of €250 won by 38 Lotto Plus 2 players while another 48,000 won less prizes.

In total, 144,183 Lotto players have had winnings of all sizes, but the jackpot has yet to be claimed.

The current Lotto jackpot has been out for more than three months since Wednesday, June 9, and now players have another chance to snap up the life-changing amount on Saturday.

Due to the high level of public interest, the National Lottery urged players to get their tickets before 7:45 p.m. Saturday night to have a chance of winning.

Customers are asked to avoid queues as much as possible and to purchase their tickets in store, online at or through the National Lottery app.

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