juin 8, 2023


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Irish McDonald’s abroad on their own as the UK has a milk shortage

Fast food giant McDonald’s has removed its milkshakes from the menu.

1,250 restaurants in England, Scotland and Wales were left without milkshakes and packaged drinks due to « some supply chain issues ».

Fortunately, however, McDonald’s restaurants in Ireland would not be left without them, with a restaurant spokesperson saying there were « no current issues » with their Irish restaurants.

McDonald’s is the latest affected by supply problems after Nando’s was forced to close a number of its restaurants due to a shortage of chicken.

KFC recently warned that supply chain issues meant it was unable to stock some menu items.

The problems are understood to be caused by a shortage of truck drivers following EU immigration rules after Brexit, Covid-19 restrictions, and self-isolation rules.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: « Like most retailers, we are currently experiencing some supply chain issues, affecting the availability of a small number of products.

Bottled drinks and milkshakes are temporarily unavailable in restaurants across England, Scotland and Wales.

« We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank our customers for their continued patience. »

The burger restaurant said they are « working hard » to get items back on the menu as quickly as possible.

McDonald’s is the latest company in several sectors in the UK that has been struggling with a supply chain problem.

In recent weeks, supply pressures have also affected supermarkets across the UK while manufacturers have reported a sharp increase in raw material prices.

The shortage of qualified heavy-duty truck drivers, made worse by Brexit and the Covid-19 virus, has left wholesalers unable to get goods to stores.

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Logistics and carrier organizations have said August will be a soft spot for the shortage as workers take summer vacations, while companies offering bonuses and registration fees for hiring new drivers aren’t helping matters.

Business groups representing the retail and transport sectors have called on the government to review plans not to grant temporary work visas to drivers from the European Union.