septembre 27, 2022


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Irish pubs: New rules on tickets to nightclubs and live music venues with one thing in focus

Thousands of people across the country returned to nightclubs Friday night after venues finally reopened late at night.

Organized indoor events and mass gatherings are now allowed in venues such as nightclubs, provided all patrons have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid in the past six months.

Nightclubs are allowed to open at full capacity, while live gigs are allowed to seat 1,500 people with seating at 100% capacity.

However, nightclubs and bars offering live music will have to issue tickets before entering their premises.

In hospitality venues such as bars and restaurants, tables for up to 15 people can be reserved with a maximum of 10 adults.

Audience members pass the Academy Music venue on Abbey Street in downtown Dublin.

There will be no limit to the number of tables that can be booked.

The closing time that was imposed at 11:30pm has also been removed, meaning bars and nightclubs can return to their normal operating hours.

However, not everyone welcomed the rules with open arms, with a spokesperson for the LVA (the Licensed Vintners Association) Criticism of ticketing requirements for certain places, saying that she’s « essential cops meet Father Ted’s stuff. »

While it is expected that tickets will not be required for bars that offer live music, they will be required at venues with live music where dancing is allowed.

A spokeswoman for Culture Minister Catherine Martin told the Irish Independent that tickets would only be required for « live entertainment and nightclubs ».

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« The ticket requirement does not apply to other hospitality venues, for example, pubs operating under their usual license with some music for customers to enjoy while they are seated at the tables, » they told the newspaper.

“But if a pub wants to do dancing and operate under the new guidelines for places that operate as nightclubs or live entertainment, it will need the relevant licenses and will have to issue tickets.”

The Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Enterprise will meet again with industry groups on Tuesday to work out the final details of the new plans.