août 13, 2022


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Lawyer clients send cash to fraudster’s account after a cyber attack

The Legal Society urged lawyers to ensure preventive measures are taken to combat cybercrime after a successful cyber attack led to some clients of a lawyer making money transfers to a fraudster’s bank account.

In response to the attack, the community said: “No company is immune to any cyber attack, but preventative measures can and should be taken to protect IT systems.”

Lawyers have been specifically targeted by cybercriminals because they often keep large amounts of money in their clients’ bank accounts as well as sensitive personal data.

The law association said Monday that it recently learned of an attack started by a lawyer who clicked on a link in an unexpected email received from a fraudster.

The association said on its website that, like previous attacks, the lawyer was unaware of the hack. This means that the hacker was able to stalk the inbox and create rules to automatically divert emails from specific clients. The hacker also created a new email address very similar to the lawyer’s email address, which enabled the hacker to contact the customer directly.

By reviewing the emails, the scammer was able to identify several transactions that were about to take place and emailed the concerned customers looking to transfer funds to an out-of-state bank account.