mars 28, 2023


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Leaving places not asking for Covid certificates, doctors advise the public

A senior doctor at the Irish Medical Organization (IMO) has endorsed comments by chief medical officer Tony Holohan that the public should get out of bars or restaurants that do not require Covid-19 digital certificates.

Ina Kelly, chair of IMO’s public health committee, told RTÉ Radio 1’s Morning Ireland that hospitality companies need to follow protocols that insist that only those who have been fully vaccinated can be served indoors.

« If we see unsafe places, it’s best not to go to them and we need to encourage businesses to follow protocols as much as possible, » she said.

« All of this helps us keep places open while we have the risk of Covid in our communities. »

Her comments come ahead of Tuesday’s meeting between hospitality industry representatives and Taoiseach Micheál Martin.

Officials in the management of Taoiseach will brief the hospitality sector on the risks of transmission of Covid-19. Ahead of the meeting, they warned the sector that non-compliance could have consequences for constantly reopening society.

Dennis McCauley, chair of the IMO’s GP committee, said levels of non-compliance with Covid certifications in bars and restaurants are in the range of one in three to one of two establishments.

He said Northern Ireland had much higher rates of Covid-19 because it allowed unvaccinated people into bars and restaurants.