octobre 2, 2022


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Limerick announces 25 jobs and opens a new manufacturing site

Limerick announced the creation of 25 new jobs after opening a second manufacturing site for its energy-efficient modular buildings.

Modulacc, who previously traded under Castlecabin for more than 40 years, said the decision was made to meet the growing demand for prefab buildings.

Recruitment is already underway for 25 new positions and Limerick’s total workforce will reach 70.

The number of employees has increased 80% in the past 18 months at the company with the search for construction, supply chain, and health and safety professionals.

Modulacc manufactures modular buildings to expand commercial and educational campuses and has a well-established relationship with schools across the country.

The NZEB family of products, or « Building Near Zero Energy, » is 50 years old and is a popular solution for providing work and study space for growing organizations.

Over 100 schools in Ireland have modular buildings constructed by Modulacc on site, and the company is also seeing increasing interest from the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Managing Director Tony Chuck said the decision was made to meet the increasing demands in new sectors such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare and that Modulacc aims to set standards for the industry.

“Our mission is to set a benchmark for the industry, where the model has traditionally followed others. Today’s announcement is further evidence of our ambition to deliver sustainable building solutions to our core markets.

“This has been customers’ response to the new NZEB design, as we are developing other forms for use in pharmaceutical and healthcare settings.

“Modulacc currently occupies 50,000 square feet of dedicated building solutions delivery space at two locations in Limerick, creating jobs locally and positioning the company for future growth,” he said.

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Modulacc works with clients to design their projects with an off-site build process according to their requirements as well as prepare sites for efficient installation.

The Limerick-based company designs, manufactures and installs modular buildings for schools, colleges, commercial and health sector clients throughout Ireland.