mai 17, 2022


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LIVE Irish Lotto results: €19m jackpot numbers but where was the jackpot hit?

Did you win the jackpot? Well, you might get a lower prize

There was one Saturday night Lotto jackpot winner to win, worth €19m after six months of extension.

Most of the country went out and bought a ticket for the grand raffle but, as the odds suggest, came out disappointed with the outcome.

However, just because you didn’t get all six numbers doesn’t mean you didn’t win a big prize.

149 players got 36,687 euros in their pockets after matching five numbers and getting the reward.

Those who match five numbers, of which 250, will still get €1,366 off their ticket.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “Special lottery raffle will be won for Saturday.” The lotto raffle has already achieved the level of excitement over the past days, and we are glad to see so many winners share that feeling of winning.

“The €19,060,800 Lotto jackpot has been officially won by a player who matches all six numbers which means that a ‘win’ mechanism was not required tonight. We are now asking all of our players to check their tickets very carefully to see if they have the Golden Ticket.

“If they are the lucky winners, we encourage them to sign the back of the ticket immediately and call our prize claims team at 1800666222 or email [email protected], and we will arrange to collect your prize.

“Tonight also proved to be a big night for the 149 players who took advantage of the enhanced prize fund to the Match 5 + Bonus prize category. With the Lotto jackpot set at €19,060,800, the money that would normally go to the jackpot flows into the next prize category with a winner and in Tonight’s draw, was the Match 5 + Bonus. »

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The winning site for the Big Winner will be announced on Saturday later this morning – Follow the details on our blog here.