janvier 27, 2023


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Lotto Chiefs confirm Saturday’s special draw that will give bettors a chance to win an additional prize of €1 million

The National Lottery has confirmed that it will add an additional €1 million to the Lotto Plus Raffle prize fund for Saturday’s draw.

This comes at a time when the grand prize of 19.06 million euros will rise to grab it for the tenth time.

And although the first prizes in Lotto Plus One (1 million euros) and Lotto Plus Two (250,000 euros) will remain the same, the change in Lotto Plus Raffle is interesting.

Lotto Plus Raffle draw winners usually win €500 per draw, but tomorrow night, players are getting ready to increase their winnings.

By increasing the prize draw fund by 1 million euros, each winner will instead claim an equal share of the 1 million euros plus the 500 euros prize.

During the last six lotto raffles, there have been between 139 and 196 Lotto Plus raffle winners. The National Lottery estimates that if the raffle tomorrow night contains approximately the same number of raffle winners, each will receive between 5,000 – 8,000 euros.

Lottery players are also set to see an increase in the lower prize category in the main lottery drawing due to the jackpot remaining at a maximum of €19.06 million. Instead, the money that would normally be credited to the grand prize will continue to flow to the next prize category where there is a winner.

Lottery gamblers hope for a big win

During the last ten lottery drawings, 147 lottery players have benefited from enhanced prize money in Match 5 + Bonus and Match 5 tiers.

On Wednesday night, three players participated in the €1,024,125 Lotto after matching five numbers and a bonus.

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In the lottery draw last Saturday, there was no match 5 + bonus winner which meant that money flowed into the match 5 category resulting in 42 players across the country winning €23,367 each.