octobre 6, 2022


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Lotto jackpot winner is required to obtain financial advice before collecting the check

The burning question – who matched six numbers in Saturday’s €19.06m ‘must win’ in the Lotto Grand Prix draw – remains impressively unanswered.

That main character was glaringly absent, but talked about, on Wednesday when Lotto representatives brought champagne and helium-filled balloons to Castlebar, Co Mayo, to celebrate with winning shop owner Laura Scriney.

Fran Werty, National Lottery Press Officer, provided nothing in response to media questions, except that the winning quick pick was purchased on Saturday and the winner has been in contact with the National Lottery headquarters.

“We advised the ticket holder to go away and get some legal and financial advice before collecting the check,” explained Mr. Werty.

Skreni reflected on reporters a « bittersweet » week in which she lost her beloved grandmother and later sold the elusive jackpot ticket of 19 million euros.

« The last days were a mixture of feelings, » she said. “On this day last week, Granny Scriney (95) was at the funeral home. Today, it’s a whole different story.”