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Lotto representatives to appear before the Oireachtas panel where the grand prize is never claimed again

National Lottery representatives will appear before the Oireachtas Finance Committee next Wednesday after the first prize was not won, once again, in last night’s lottery.

Last night’s lotto was the 53rd draw in a row with no one winning the jackpot.

The grand prize has been set at €19.06 million since early October with additional money that would normally have gone to the grand prize being passed to the next prize category.

Under Lotto rules, the jackpot is crowned once the previous record – which was €18.96 million in 2008 – is exceeded.

Representatives of the national lottery organizer will also appear before the Finance Committee next Wednesday. The observer is an independent office that oversees the course of the game.

Fine Gael TD Bernard Durkan, a member of the Finance Committee, said he has a series of questions to ask those who appear at Leinster House next week.

It’s time for some related questions. A lot can happen in six months. The footballers’ run in unbeaten Dublin is over, the summer heat wave has come and gone, Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban, Omicron has replaced Delta, Barbados has become a republic and Walrus has visited our shores and left – without winning the lotto jackpot like the rest of the nations. Kildare North TD said.

« Hopefully, the answers will be more informative than the six failed months and 53 draws since June 9 with no jackpot winners, » concluded Durkan.

Durkan has shown a deep interest in the winless Lotto race in recent weeks. Last month called to remove two balls of the lotto draw cylinder and declared that the failed streak « never occurred in Ronan Collins’ day ».

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The number of balls in the drum has increased several times since the lottery was created in 1986. Originally, there were 36 numbers in the mix and the odds for the six players to match were 1,974,792 to one.

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The ball count is now 47 and the odds of winning now stand at roughly 11 million to one.

Formerly Eamonn Toland from TheMathsTutor.ie Tell the magazine Durkan’s plan to remove two balls from the drum will improve the odds of winning the jackpot by more than 20%.

“Durkan is right when he says that reducing numbers gives you better odds. If you draw five balls, you lose the odds by 50%.”