septembre 27, 2022


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Penneys launches new take-back scheme across Irish stores

Today, Penneys is launching a new apparel and textile recycling scheme in 36 stores nationwide as it aims to make it more convenient for people to donate their used clothing and textiles and help give them a second life.

This new research was launched into the recycling behavior of Irish consumers, finding that the lack of delivery locations is a barrier, with the vast majority more likely to recycle clothes and shoes if they could do so in a store.

New research published by the Penneys, conducted by Red C Research & Marketing, also highlights that Irish consumers remain unsure about what to do and what not to do for recycling, with nearly a quarter (23 per cent) unaware that it can be recycled. Clothes and shoes at all.

Additionally, more than half (51 percent) admitted that they disposed of old, non-reusable clothes, while 91 percent of people said they recycle reusable clothes and shoes.

The Penneys Textile Takeback scheme accepts clothing, shoes, bags, and even some textiles like towels and bed linen of any brand in any condition via new collection boxes in stores. It is then collected, sorted and either reused, recycled or repurposed for other purposes.

Apparel and textiles of any brand, however, can be recycled under the new Penneys scheme.

Research has shown that consumers have good intentions when it comes to donating and recycling clothes and shoes; Among those who said they recycle or donate clothes, more than half (56%) believe they help others, 55% think they are good for the environment, and 63% of people do so as part of their spring cleaning, or to wipe items they haven’t The longer he wears it (51 percent).

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“We recently launched our bold new ambition to become a circular and more sustainable business: Making it easier for customers to donate or recycle their favorite clothes is an important part of this,” said Damien O’Neill, Head of Sales at Penneys. “We want to help educate our customers and bring them on this journey with this And part of that is understanding what they think today about recycling old clothes.While it has been very encouraging to see how many people actually donate their beloved pre-owned clothes and shoes, we have learned that there is still more work to be done to help educate customers about what can be recycled and where « .

The program is also being launched today in Germany and Austria and is followed by a successful launch in the United Kingdom. Penneys has also taken care to select a responsible recycling partner: once again working with Yellow Octopus, a leading recycling specialist, who operates their scheme in the UK.

‘No landfill’ policy

It has a « zero landfill » policy in the 21 countries in which it operates, resulting in about 1 million items of clothing diverted from landfill each month. It aims to get as many donations as possible to be worn again, with the rest redirected to new products like insulating materials, toy fillers and mattress fillers.

The Textile Takeback chart follows the launch of the retailer’s new sustainability strategy « Primark Cares » last month as the company outlines its commitments to becoming a more sustainable and circular business. As part of this, Primark will improve the durability of its own products and, as a signatory to Textiles 2030, will work with sustainability charity WRAP and other retailers to develop new clothing durability guidelines to collectively move the fashion industry toward a more circular economy and thus reduce fashion waste.

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All program profits will go to UNICEF, one of Primark’s global charitable partners.