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Ryanair says it will not accept boarding passes issued by Kiwi.com

Updated 11 hours ago

RYANAIR said it will not accept boarding passes issued by booking site Kiwi.com.

In a statement, Ryanair said that from today (August 18), any passenger with a boarding pass issued by Kiwi will be refused « unfortunately because they did not comply with Ryanair’s safety and security protocols during check-in ».

The airline said that valid boarding passes can be accessed via Ryanair.com or the Ryanair app.

Ryanair’s director of marketing, Dara Brady, said the airline became aware of the problem « when a small number of passengers who had booked their flights through Kiwi.com arrived at the boarding gate without receiving official Ryanair boarding passes last week ».

Brady said that any traveler who made a reservation through Kiwi.com should contact this company directly.

Customers were told to avoid booking flights « through third-party agents, such as Kiwi.com, who do not have permission to sell Ryanair flights or issue boarding passes ».

“Under the 2015/1998 EU Regulation, it is essential that passengers complete the Ryanair check-in process directly to ensure passengers are informed of all required safety and regulatory protocols when traveling.

« Kiwi.com circumvents these essential flight regulations by issuing its own boarding passes which are not valid on Ryanair flights, » the statement noted.
Kiwi.com is a platform where people can book flights and accommodations, as well as arrange car rentals when they are abroad.

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She was one of a number of booking agents that Ryanair has accused of contributing to delays in The airline’s attempts to compensate customers who were unable to fly during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Ryanair said today it had obtained a court order in the Czech Republic demanding Kiwi stop replacing customer email addresses with alternate email addresses, thus « preventing Ryanair from communicating directly with its passengers », but Kiwi « has not yet complied with this order ».
Kiwi.com . said the magazine That all its customers have a Ryanair boarding pass which has a Kiwi.com branding background.

The airline accused the airline of « stifling customer choice » with its announcement this morning. She said she would « do everything in her power to support clients. »