octobre 7, 2022


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Strengthen the network as Huntstown Station is back in action

Eirgrid confirmed that the Huntstown power plant in Dublin was back in operation this weekend to feed electricity into the national grid.

The move follows warnings from the Utilities Regulatory Commission of challenges to the security of the energy supply.

The gas-fired power plant has been out of service for some time, along with Whitegate in Cork.

Huntstown has a capacity of 400 megawatts.

Peak national demand is 5,000 MW, so the Huntstown plant is a major contributor to the network at 7.5%.

Ergid also said work was ongoing to ensure Whitegate was back in business soon, but that supply remained tight.

Junior Minster Pippa Hackett said reopening the Huntstown Power Plant would be a « serious improvement » in the power supply.

Speaking on RTÉ’s The Week in Politics, she said that Eirgrid CEO Mark Foley has promised people will sleep safely in their beds this winter without power outages.

Matt Carthy of Sinn Féin said the case underscores the need to quickly track the transition to renewables.

The Sunday Independent reports that ministers have been told that winter blackouts cannot be ruled out in the face of power supply problems.

Government sources say cutting off electricity to homes will be a last resort.

If there is a shortage of supplies, the first step will be to reduce the use of large business users, such as data centers.

There will also be a switch to generators.

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To constrain the local supply, several problems must occur at the same time, including no wind, generator failure, and problems with the electrical link to the UK.

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