janvier 31, 2023


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Study estimates places where you’re most likely to catch Covid by shopping a big surprise

New data from the UK shows that doing a weekly shop carried the highest risk of contracting Covid late last year.

Estimates from SAGE’s Virus Watch Study – based on the daily activities of 10,000 people across the Irish Sea – found that outdoor sports had the second highest chance of infection.

Researchers said this could be linked to « social activities » associated with sports as well as participation in physical activity.

Visiting bars and restaurants and using public transportation were also highlighted as activities that carried an increased risk of contracting the virus before the Omicron variant spread.

The study found that going to the stores once a week meant that people were 2.2 times more likely to contract the virus – Mirror UK reports.

Going to a bar and restaurant and using public transportation increased people’s likelihood of contracting Covid-19 by 1.3 times between September and November last year.

Outdoor sports carry a risk level of 1.36 percent, studying – which have not yet been reviewed – have been found.

Not surprisingly, those who had to leave their homes to work were more likely to contract Covid-19 than those who did not.

However, experts were unable to provide reliable data showing how dangerous it is to go to the cinema, concerts or nightclubs.

According to the Virus Watch study, the activities with the highest risk of infection were:

  • Shopping – 2.18%
  • Outdoor exercise increased by 1.36%.
  • Using the bus – 1.31%
  • Eating at a restaurant or café – 1.29%
  • Using public transportation more than once a week – 1.28%
  • Going to a pub, bar or club is 1.28%.
  • Going to a party – 1.27%
  • Going to the gym or indoor sports – 1.27%
  • Leaving home for work – 1.2%
  • Using a taxi – 1.19%
  • Above-ground train or tram use 1.18%
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However, there was no « good evidence » showing how dangerous it is to go to theaters, cinemas, concerts, or sporting events.

The same goes for going to hairdressers, barbers, salons, or beauty parlors.

The data was collected before the Omicron variant began ripping through the UK and the rest of the world in December.