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Supply chain crisis: carriers ‘panic’ over plans to ease rules on overseas heavy truck drivers | UK news

The government plans to change the number of times overseas operators of heavy trucks can file in the UK to « undermine » British operators and drivers, Nuqul Group told Sky News.

Consultations have been launched on the expansion of « coastal navigation » rights in an effort to support them supply chains And prevent shops from running out of goods or increasing prices because of a HGV سائق driver loss.

But Rod Mackenzie, managing director of policy and public affairs at the Road Transport Association, criticized the move as « short-term » and « populist. »

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Will the UK suffer from a winter crisis?

« I’ve spoken to our members and they’ve been using words like ‘gobsmacked’ and ‘horrific’, » he told Sky’s Kay Burley.

« In essence, here’s why: The government has been saying for some time that it wants a high-paying, high-skilled economy and doesn’t want to pull the lever of ‘uncontrolled immigration’. »

« for them [UK drivers]Looks like they just did it.

“Allowing low-wage foreign carriers and truck drivers with very small salary packages to come in, undermining the work that British carriers can do within the UK.

« It’s terrifying British carriers at a time when they are facing rising costs and paying their drivers, absolutely right, and now they are being undermined by this move, which goes against reason. »

McKenzie said the move « won’t solve all Christmas delivery problems » but would « make a difference » for the supermarket sector.

Cabotage are the rules regarding the carriage of goods or passengers in one country by a transport operator from a different country.

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Currently, the rules mean heavy truck drivers from the European Union can only make two trips between two places in the UK within a week. But the new plan will allow operators overseas to collect and deliver goods an unlimited number of times over a two-week period before returning to their home country.

If the proposal is approved after a week’s consultation, the change will take effect before the end of the year and last for six months.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told Sky News the policy meant « the equivalent of adding thousands of truck drivers to the road, but we don’t have to do anything about visas in order to do that ».

Speaking to Kay Burley, he added: « It’s straightforward action, and it’s coming towards the end of the year.

“People will be able to get stuff for Christmas — these actions are having an effect, and things are fading.

« When I talk to ports, they say ‘Yeah, it’s busy, it’s a globally crowded picture,’ but if you compare us to a lot of ports around the world, we need to keep that proportion – things are flowing. »

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Labor’s shadow transport minister said ministers were « grumbling about one late reaction to another – a direct result of their failure to plan properly to make Brexit work ».

« Meanwhile, the British people are paying the price for their own incompetence and facing another potentially devastating Christmas thanks to Boris Johnson’s refusal to acknowledge the scale of the winter crisis we face, » he added.

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The government said the changes would apply to all types of goods but would be « particularly beneficial » to food supply chains and port imports.

Retailers have warned that ongoing supply chain problems will lead to price hikes and empty shelves for Christmas.

Shipping company Maersk has diverted ships away from Felixstowe due to cargo backlogs, and similar obstructions have been seen around the world, including in the United States.

Thousands of shipping containers are at the port of Felixstowe in Suffolk, where shipping giant Maersk said it was diverting ships away from UK ports for offloading elsewhere in Europe due to a backlog.  Photo date: Wednesday, October 13, 2021.
Shipping giant Maersk said it is diverting ships away from Felixstowe due to a backlog

Mr Shapps said supply chain issues were an international problem but were being handled flexibly in the UK and « we should not inform ourselves of a crisis ».

“We know that the world has woken up after the coronavirus with massive supply chain problems all over the world,” said the transport minister.

“In this country, we’ve taken 24, now 25, a different step on the local side of that – the truckers side of things – and we see it having a huge impact.

“We now have three times more people applying to become lorry drivers every day than before the crisis.

« We have to be careful, we don’t have to inform ourselves in a crisis. »