mars 21, 2023


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Taoiseach settles once again on the new ‘sneaky’ PUP rate

Taoiseach has been addressed over « deceptive microprinting » to restore the PUP, which will see some workers pay €150 per week, well below the benefit.

Heather Humphreys’ announcement « brings a new low PUP rate of €150 per week, which is even lower than the benefit and well below the poverty line, » said Paul Murphy, MP for People’s Solidarity Before Profit.

« It’s a lump of coal in the socks of hospitality and leisure workers who have lost their jobs due to the new restrictions, » he added.

The new rate applies to those whose weekly earnings were €151.50 or less per week, which usually means part-time workers.

But Mr Murphy said that « the RWP should be properly reinstated at €350 for all those who lost their jobs in the past week due to the new restrictions – as well as those who had to log into normal unemployment allowance when the PUP closed. »

“Are they stuck in low-level rates because they were given up a few days ago?” Asked.

Taoiseach replied, « Deputy, I have constantly sought to paint a very bleak picture of employment in this country, throughout the pandemic.

“You have indicated that the government is somewhat negligent. I think you need to acknowledge that our economy is the fastest growing and the fastest recovering in the European Union.

« We had the fastest job growth in the third quarter of any EU member state, » he added.

He said the opposition should acknowledge the fact that « hundreds of thousands of people have returned to work in recent months due to sound economic policies ».

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This included through support such as PUP, CRSS, EWSS and other initiatives, he said.

« We’ve kept businesses the same and jobs are. »

Murphy criticized: “But all I get from you every day is one misery after another.

« One can imagine that there are thousands of people out of work all the time. »

Mr. Murphy rejoined: « Thousands of people are out of work all the time. »

But Taoiseach insisted: “The bottom line is this. The minister has reintroduced the PUP for those who will lose work as a result of measures announced last week.

“But if you look at it, there are more job openings in our economy now than there were in 2019. There are more job openings now than there were in the pre-pandemic period.

« It’s all bad news with you. »