mars 22, 2023


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The couple dance around Lowndes after winning €5 million with a scratch card before it was completely withdrawn

Two friends couldn’t contain their joy after taking home a massive prize of around €5m (£4m) on a lottery scratch card.

CCTV footage from a store in Lundice released by the police shows the pair jumping around as they win the life-changing sum Manchester Evening News reports.

Mark Goodram and John Watson of Bolton, Lancashire couldn’t hold back their excitement and celebrated the ‘win’ in front of the shopkeeper looking on.

The video shows Watson, 34, dancing around the store as Goodram, 38, hits his fists on the counter before taking a celebratory pose for the store owner.

However, things soon went wrong when he incited the friends to back off.

After trying to claim money from Camelot on April 22, 2019, Goodram revealed that he does not have a bank account to deposit money into.

The revelation caused doubt about how to purchase the lucky scratch card, and a Camelot investigator called Goodram to ask which card he used to make the purchase.

on-Ross Watson won £4m on a scratch card but never received the money due to suspicions it was bought with a stolen bank card

Goodram told the detective that his friend John bought it for him because he « owed him money » but was unable to provide John’s family name or address.

It was discovered that the card belonged to a man named Joshua Adiman.

Upon discovery, the two men were imprisoned for 18 months after pleading guilty to fraud at Bolton Crown Court on the first day of their trial.

Mark Goodram celebrates victory

Detective Constable Michelle Wilkinson of our complex fraud team said: “This was a completely exceptional case where Goodram and Watson’s chances of claiming a scratch card were one in four million; but unfortunately for them, they had intentionally purchased that ticket through fraudulent means.

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“While the massive winnings were not put into the wrong hands and no one was hurt, there is no doubt that these men would have gladly accepted this money without any remorse for their illicit ways of obtaining it.

“The vigilance of the staff at Camelot is to be commended, and the subsequent investigation of our complex anti-fraud team confirmed that these two men are rightly behind bars and can learn to accept how far from being selfish and unscrupulous their actions were.”