juin 10, 2023


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The EuroMillions results revealed as Irish players took home prizes ahead of the record-breaking Lotto draw

There was no winner of Tuesday’s €17 million EuroMillions draw but more than 39,000 players in Ireland have won prizes.

One Irish player got over €25,000 after matching five numbers in the lottery.

The winning numbers were 4, 20, 36, 40, 41 and lucky stars 1 and 6.

As there was no winner in EuroMillions In addition to the first prize 500,000 euros.

The numbers chosen were 4, 21, 27, 32 and 40.

In total, over 39,000 players in Ireland have won prizes in EuroMillions and Plus matches, including the lucky Match 5 winner.

This comes as Lotto fever remains high for another week in a row ahead of Wednesday’s draw.

The grand prize was set at over 19 million euros for the sixth time after four months of extension.

Lotto fever swept the nation.

The grand prize is set at €19,060,800 for five draws so far with players from the lower prize categories benefiting from the prize stream in each of the draws.

With no extra cash added to the jackpot in Saturday night’s draw, two players from Cavan and Kildare have benefited from the prize flow into the Match 5 + Bonus category.

The two players have reached just one number of the life-changing jackpot for sharing a total prize fund of €1,281,718 and will now claim €640,859 each.

The National Lottery has confirmed that both winners have applied and arrangements are now underway to claim their prizes.

The current Lotto jackpot has been on the market since June 9, and the National Lottery added that over €44.5 million will be raised for good causes in the current Lotto jackpot series.

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A spokesperson said: « Can you see tomorrow night the end of the unprecedented jackpot roll? €19,060,800 is an incredible amount of money and we understand that players across Ireland are busy dreaming big of what they will do with the life-changing amount.

While the jackpot has been capped by 5 draws so far, players in both Match 5 + Bonus and Match 5 tiers have benefited from the additional money that has been distributed to their categories across the latest number of raffles.

On Saturday night, two players from Cavan and Kildare shared a staggering €1,281,718 after matching 5 numbers and the bonus to become the biggest winners of the night. After matching 5 numbers to claim €35,234 each.

“Since tomorrow night’s jackpot will still be limited for the sixth time, the extra money that would have gone to the jackpot will instead go to the next level where there is a winner, so we are ready to see bigger prizes at the lower level as we have done in each of the last draws.” .

“We are keen to remind players that the deadline for purchasing tickets for the midweek lottery is 7.45pm tomorrow and for us to have a chance of becoming Ireland’s biggest ever jackpot winner, tickets can be purchased in-store, through the National Lottery app or www. lottery.ie ».