janvier 28, 2023


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The Food Safety Authority issues a complete recall of meat products from Korek

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has issued a complete recall of all meat products from a Cork company.

This is the second recall this year for Ballinwillin House and Ballinwillin House Farm in Mitchellstown.

In March 2021, the FSAI issued a recall of some meat products because the company was not certified to produce ground meat or meat preparations at that time.

All venison, wild boar, minced goat and meat preparations were recalled at that time because they were processed in a non-approved establishment for the production of ground meat or meat preparations.

Products were produced without HACCP [Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point] He said at the time that « measures are based on procedures and are not subject to formal controls. »

The FSA said the company had not been approved to process meat since April 2021.

This latest recall was made because the company was processing meat products in a non-certified establishment, not subject to official oversight, the FSA said.

The list of products in the recall, released on Wednesday, is extensive and includes various types of beef, venison, lamb, pheasant, duck, pig, pork and goat.

The refund applies to manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, caterers and retailers.

Wholesalers and distributors were asked to contact their customers and recall all products of animal origin from Ballinwillin House and Ballinwillin House Farm.

Retailers were required to remove all animal-origin products from Ballinwillin House / Ballinwillin House Farm from sale and display point-of-sale recall notices at stores where these products were sold.

Caterers are advised not to use any products of animal origin, and consumers are advised not to eat any product of animal origin from the same company.

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Palinwylene House Farm describes itself as « the only organic venison, wild boar and goat farm in Ireland and the UK ».

It has what it describes as an on-site boutique bed and breakfast, an online organic venison store, and a wild boar farm.