décembre 10, 2022


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There is no lotto jackpot winner tonight which amounted to €19 million

The National Lottery confirmed that there was no jackpot winner tonight. Ireland’s largest ever lotto jackpot was available to grab, and amounted to a maximum of €19,060,800.

The winning numbers are tied, According to the lottery website, were 12, 17, 18, 21, 33 and 37. The bonus number was 23.

2 winners of Match 5 + bonus, each winning 826,392 euros. Both tickets were purchased in Dublin.

In total, more than 247,000 players won prizes in the Lotto and Lotto Plus raffles tonight.

Earlier, the National Lottery said it had encountered some « technical difficulties » before the draw.

She stated in a social media post: “Due to the high volume of traffic, we are experiencing some technical difficulties with our website and app.

Our technical teams are currently working to correct the issue. Thank you for your patience while trying to resolve the issue.

« Tonight’s lotto tickets can still be purchased at the store before 7.45pm. »

The current bumper prize has been in circulation since June and has now breached the previous cap.

One jackpot winner tonight will officially overtake a €18.96 million lotto win at Dan Morrissey’s Carlow in 2008.

A spokesperson for the National Lottery clarified what the maximum jackpot means for prize winners in the guaranteed draw of €19 million.

“We have a record jackpot of over €19 million, and for the first time in Lotto history, the jackpot fund will flow to lower jackpot levels.

What does this mean for our players? The prize money that is usually added to the jackpot prize is guaranteed to be won at lower category levels than the prizes on Saturday.

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“The National Lottery estimates that approximately €1 million in additional prize money will now flow into the next prize category where there is a winner.

The spokesperson added, « This award will be in addition to the regular category award for this category. »