août 13, 2022


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UK farmers raise their guns after Asda ditched promises to sell only British beef

Farmers complained of a lack of post-Brexit support after supermarket giant Asda decided to renege on its pledge to sell only British beef.

The retailer argued that the reason he decided to sell Irish beef now was the higher price of UK beef – after it posted a 20 per cent increase in the cost of UK beef, while Irish beef is about 20 per cent cheaper than meat. British.

Although the supermarket chain is committed to providing only British beef in 2020, it only managed to deliver on its promise last October – prompting the National Beef Association to express disappointment that Asda was only able to do so for two months.

British beef price hike

« Asda may claim beef is expensive, but it can’t be produced at a lower price, » said NBA chief executive Neil Shand.

In a statement, Watchman“We know it is important to our customers that the beef is produced on our shelves to high standards of luxury at affordable prices,” Asda said.

« Unfortunately, the price of British beef has gone up, and while we continue to work hard to keep prices as low as possible for our customers, these increases are significant. »

The spokesperson added that all beef sold within the Extra Special range will remain entirely British.

UK farmers need support from supermarket chains due to Brexit

Richard Findlay, chair of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) Livestock Council, said UK farmers need support from supermarket chains due to changes to agricultural policies after Brexit.

« Given the significant changes in trade and agricultural policy, it is more important than ever that our retailers stand up for the UK food and agriculture sector, and that any supply commitments they make are respected, » Findlay said.

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This news comes amid revelations Farmers in England will get their direct payments, worth £1.8 billion in 2019-20 through the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, to be cut by more than half by 2025 and completely withdrawn in 2027., in light of new government moves.

A new parliamentary report warns that the « blind optimism » of Tory ministers could force many small farmers and renters in England out of business, while accusing them of not doing enough to win farmers’ trust to deliver decisive plans.

Farmers will be paid less under the new government plans

Under government plans, farmers are encouraged to free up land for environmental reasons.

But the report cautioned that this could mean England would import more of its food, often from countries with lower environmental standards, making the UK more dependent on food from abroad and making food prices more expensive.

The newspaper also warned that this is likely to lead to an increase in the size of farms, which will in turn harm the environment, contrary to the hopes of the government.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs plans to harmonize the £2.4 billion in subsidies that the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) provides to UK farmers each year.

But this comes with the intention of reducing the amounts of direct payments, according to the area of ​​cultivated land, according to independent.

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