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Urgent recall of popular dinner product sold in Tesco due to safety concerns

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has issued an urgent notice to recall the popular Tesco Green Thai Style sauce.

The supermarket recalled the item after discovering the possible presence of milk.

Milk is not declared on the packaging in the ingredient list and therefore can be eaten by someone who is lactose intolerant or allergic.

A statement from the Food Safety Authority in Ireland said: « Tesco is recalling the above batch of Tesco Green Thai Style Sauce due to possible presence of milk.

Milk is not mentioned in the ingredients list.

« This may render the affected lot unsafe for consumers who have allergies or intolerances to milk or its ingredients. »

The affected batch was identified as Tesco Green Thai Style Sauce; Package size: 180g; Used by: 11/21/2021.

A separate food recall notice was issued for the Donnybrook Fair Tipperary Brie on November 5th.

The recall was issued for the batch on 11/17/2021 from Donnybrook Fair Tipperary Brie as levels of E. Coli detected indicate a potential hygiene problem and the possibility of harmful bacteria.

Retailers were asked to remove the batch involved from sale, and consumers were advised not to eat the batch in question.

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