mars 22, 2023


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US President Biden slams Kellogg’s company for replacing striking workers

US President Joe Biden Criticize The Kellogg administration to replace the striking workers urged the grain giant to negotiate to resolve their labor dispute.

Biden, a longtime union advocate, said he was « deeply disturbed by reports of Kellogg’s plans to permanently replace striking workers » and vowed to « vigorously defend » collective bargaining.

« Collective bargaining is an essential tool to protect workers’ rights that should be free from threats and intimidation by employers, » Biden said in a statement.

company in announced on tuesday They will replace the workers after members of the BCTGM rejected the latest contract offer.

“The extended work stoppage left us with no choice but to continue implementing the next phase of our contingency plan including hiring replacement employees for positions vacated by striking workers,” said Chris Hood, President of Kellogg North America.

Kellogg’s European headquarters are located in Dublin.

« The permanent replacement of striking workers is an existential attack on the union and the jobs and livelihoods of its members, » Biden said.

I have long been opposed to permanently replacing attackers and am a strong supporter of legislation banning this practice.

The company responded, saying it had « made every effort » to secure a wage deal with the workers.

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« We agree that this needs to be resolved at the negotiating table. Our goal has been and remains a fair deal for our people, » Kellogg’s spokesman Chris Bahner told AFP.

However, Bahner added, « We have an obligation to our customers and consumers to continue to provide the grains they know and love — as well as the thousands of people we employ. »

The union said the strike against the Kellogg Company, which began October 5 in Battle Creek, Michigan; Lancaster, PA; Connects Omaha, Nebraska, and Memphis, Tennessee.

Among other grievances, workers rejected the company’s two-tier wage structure.

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