mars 31, 2023


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‘We’ll be arriving in the US from Cork again’ says general manager at Cork Airport

The General Manager at Cork Airport spoke confidently about the airport’s future, saying he expects to resume flights from Cork to the United States in the next few years.

Niall McCarthy made the comments while speaking to echo At a ceremony yesterday for the official opening of the main runway of the reconstructed airport.

When asked if an extension to the main runway was being considered, Mr McCarthy said this was ruled out for a number of reasons.

“We will be able to reach the east coast of the United States on the current runway.

“Big planes could use us but if we went to extend we would have to get the land – we don’t own the land, and the environmental impact studies could have been a three or four year project.

“It is all about recovery and we will be arriving in the US from Cork again.

« We’ve been traveling to Rhode Island before and we’re going to New York – we’ll give it three or four years, » he said.

The reconstruction of the airport’s main runway (16/34), which was completed on schedule and within budget in a 10-week construction period, will enable Cork « to reclaim its rightful place as the fastest growing and second largest airport in the state, » CEO of the company The mother of Cork Airport, daa plc, Dalton Philips stated at a party yesterday.

Cork Airport will continue to drive economic growth and development in Cork and Southern Ireland going into the future.

He continued, « The next stage starts from here, where we stand today, and there is no end to where it can take us. »

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Cork Airport reopens to the public tomorrow.

The first flight off the renovated runway to London Heathrow will be at 07:45 AM.

McCarthy said there are currently 23 winter routes on offer at Cork Airport with 36 summer routes registered.