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William Shatner: Captain Kirk’s Realistic Journey into Space with Blue Origin Is Delayed by the Wind | science and technology news

Captain Kirk’s realistic flight into space has been delayed.

William Shatner – Famous for playing Star Trek Naseer – was to be Broadcast on Tuesday in a Jeff BezosThe NS-18 spacecraft.

But the space company of the founder of Amazon – blue origin – Delayed by 24 hours due to « expected winds ».

Shatner played Captain Kirk in Star Trek

When the 90-year-old actor finally takes off from West Texas, he will become the oldest person to ever go into space.

The NS-18 will reach 66 miles (106 km) in altitude, in just a 10-minute flight. It will be a sub-orbital flight, which means the craft will reach outer space, but not space itself.

Shatner seems excited by the possibility, saying, « I’ve been hearing about space for a long time now. I’m taking the opportunity to see for myself. What a miracle. »

While Shatner will be a guest on Blue Origin, the company says it has sold nearly $100m (£73m) in tickets to paying customers.

After a successful trip in July, Bezos said it was « Best day ever ».

The 90-year-old described the opportunity to visit space as
The 90-year-old described the opportunity to visit space as a « miracle ». Pic: AP

Shatner will be part of a crew of four, and he will be joined by Audrey Powers, who was instrumental in the years-long process of getting Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket cleared for human flight.

Also on board will be Chris Buchwezen and Glenn De Vries – two of our Paying customers -.

If Shatner was disappointed by the delay, he could do worse than listen to his fictional successor, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who said, « Things are impossible until they are not. »

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