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Former professional boxer Dean Byrne says his speech, filmed during the flight, was a ‘holy rage’

Former professional boxer and Irish welterweight champion Dean Byrne insisted his « Plan-demic » sermon on a Ryanair flight was « holy righteous anger » and not anti-fax sentiment.

A video of Byrne went viral last week after he snuck into a Dublin-bound Ryanair flight at London’s Stansted Airport on Wednesday.

Talking to sunday world From his London home, Byrne, 38, of Crumlin, Dublin, defended his actions.

“It was Holy Wrath that took over. Holy righteous Wrath. And I think it was Demock’s plan. My body is a temple, I didn’t get vaccinated and I won’t.

« I was on the phone with my mother when I started talking to passengers. They called me online as ‘against snooping on a plane,’ and that’s not me. I’m a believing man, a man of God, and I’ve been taking His word. »

The footage shows Mr Byrne, who was naked, walking up and down the plane and yelling at the passengers before the plane took off.

A number of clips about the incident spread on social media.

In one clip, he said: « I have a right, everyone on this plane has a right not to take a test. Who do they think it is? I have a constitutional right. »

« Everything is under control, they are controlling the whole world for one world order one agenda. Do you think I’m lying? Do the research, check the vaccine. It’s an epidemic. »


Dean Byrne pic: David Maher/SPORTSFILE

He also claimed that professional football players were « killed » with the vaccine and that children were « mutilated » after taking it.

The flight crew eventually managed to remove him from the flight.

Defending his actions this weekend, the former professional boxer and champion made it clear that he was due to travel to his parents at Christmas, but refused to take a Covid test to confirm he’s negative for the virus, which is necessary for those who are. not immune.

« They wouldn’t let me fly without the test. I didn’t want to take the test. But I snuck off the net and just walked on the plane. I was on the phone with my mom when I took a few minutes to talk to everyone. My mom told me to get off the plane before the police arrived. So I did. Because I listen to my mother and God. I was not arrested after that.”

Byrne added that he does not know if he will be returning home now for Christmas, although he is looking into having the option to try the ferry. « I’m sad that I couldn’t get on the trip, but God always has a plan. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be able to go home but God will lead my way. »

A Ryanair spokesperson confirmed the incident, saying: “An individual on this flight from London Stansted to Dublin (December 15) was taken by the crew after breaching airport security and disrupting the flight.

« The safety and security of all Ryanair flights is our number one priority and we will not allow passengers to travel who do not fully comply with safety and security rules. »

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