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Aer Lingus ground crew rejects structural changes as airline warns of ‘profound’ pandemic impact

AER LINGUS GROUND has rejected the company’s proposed structural changes amid ongoing pressure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ground crew rejected the proposal today after few days Cabin crew members rejected a similar ballot, and voted against a wage freeze for the next several years.

Of the employees hired on post-2009 contracts, 257 of 325 rejected the proposal. Of the 199 employees on contracts from pre-2009, 174 voted against the measures.

a covid recovery agreement A post published by Aer Lingus and SIPTU at the beginning of the month explained that the pandemic had had a « profound impact » on the airline and that « the challenge we face now is far worse than anything we have experienced previously and will take a number of years to recover from ».

The document stated that there would be a wage freeze until December 2024 with no wage increases during that period and that no discretionary annual vouchers would be issued.

The sick leave policy for newcomers states that there are no sick days for the first six months; Three weeks of approved leave and two days of unapproved leave after the probationary period; Six certified weeks and two non-certified days for between one and three years of service; Up to 13 weeks on full pay followed by 39 weeks on half pay for more than three years of service.

In a statement to the magazineAer Lingus said she had been « informed that SIPTU members rejected the proposals for change that were put to them in the ballot ».

« The proposals came as a result of months of participation and consultation during which serious challenges facing the business were identified, including the need for structural change, » the report stated.

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“The effects of the pandemic are protracted and ongoing and the need for immediate and structural change is urgent. Over the coming days, Aer Lingus will communicate with SIPTU and staff to determine what the company will do to address these challenges.”

Last week, the airline’s cabin crew were told they were facing an « imminent » situation. Temporary layoffs Where they refused to vote for structural changes.

Aer Lingus said that the voluntary termination program will be closed and that no further termination offers will be made under the program.

Former Solidarity TD Ruth Coppinger He said this evening That « Despite threats of outsourcing and layoffs, Aer Lingus employees voted to reject the administrative austerity package. »

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She said it was a « true sign that workers will not roll and turn into poverty to pay the price of a global pandemic. »

In May, Aer Lingus told ground operations staff at Cork Airport that workers would be temporarily laid off from September 12 through November 22 while the airport runway is being reconstructed.

SIPTU’s Neil McGowan said workers, who were not eligible for pandemic unemployment payments, were « extremely frustrated » and were already « experiencing a significant reduction in earnings throughout the pandemic. »

However, the airline later said it would not lay off workers on ensuring the government would extend its employee wage subsidy scheme.