mars 27, 2023


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Bus Éireann warns that routes may be canceled as Waterford staff have ruled out Covid

Bus Éireann said it is seeing a high number of Covid-19-related absences among its Waterford employees, and warned that some routes are facing cancellations as a result.

It is understood that 18 drivers are out of work due to Covid as of Thursday, either through it being a confirmed case or through self-isolation.

Weekend routes may be affected significantly according to Bus Éireann.

A statement from the company cited Waterford as having the sixth highest rate of virus infection in 14 days in the country, with 1,672 cases of Covid confirmed in Waterford in the past two weeks.

« Bus Erin is also experiencing a higher than usual level of Covid-related absences in Waterford, whether they are confirmed cases or through necessary self-isolation, » the carrier said.

“We are working hard to manage services to try to minimize the impact on customers, but it is possible that some services may be affected or canceled as a result of staff absences.”


COVID in Ireland: Latest county by county data

Last February, Bus Éireann canceled a number of roads in Waterford due to the spread of cases among its employees.

It is believed that more than 20 employees were self-isolating at the time.

The company said it is taking all feasible precautions and has introduced antigen testing for employees on site, on a voluntary basis.

A spokesperson confirmed that only the advisory issued Thursday afternoon on Waterford has been issued during the current wave, with no other cities and counties experiencing a similarly high number of Covid-related absences.