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A woman shares the trick of drying clothes without using a clothes dryer in just 2 hours

A woman shared a simple way to dry wet clothes in just two hours without a dryer.

It is an interesting twist on things!

Alex Byrne lives with her partner in a one-bedroom apartment.

Like many of us, she struggled to keep washing her clothes, despite having several ventilators. Space was the big issue.

But one day while she was laying her bedding to dry, the 24-year-old had a « eureka moment. »

When I covered the clothes horse with the bed sheet, and placed it near the radiator, I found that the sheet had created a pocket of hot air, drying the clothes underneath in just two hours.

« It was kind of a great moment, » Alex, the mail lady, said. Mirror.

« I was trying to find another place to hang the bed sheet to dry, away from the kitchen door that ends up smelling of whatever you’re cooking.

« I usually keep my clothes frame by the radiator, especially in the winter and just thought ‘why not throw the bed sheet over the frame, fold the ends behind the radiator and under the holders, then the hot air from the radiator will dry my clothes for hours.' »

Wash in basket and hang to dry

“I stay in a small, cozy one-bed apartment with my partner and we always have two clothes frames at once as we have busy lifestyles and go through many washes that take up too much space.

« We do have a clothes dryer, but honestly, it’s expensive and doesn’t leave your clothes smelling better.

“I think the reason this hack is so beneficial to people is that it saves money on drying. You probably have heating anyway like in January.

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« It saves space as your clothes will dry in a matter of hours and the clothes horse can be put away again in the closet.

Instead of the usual 24 hours and your clothes are still damp – then low and it’s time for another wash!

« It doesn’t have to be a never-ending cycle anymore. »