octobre 3, 2022


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Cork Airport Releases Runway Project Update

Cork Airport said the improvement project, which entails rebuilding the runway along with all civilian air ducts, ductwork and electrical work ducts, is moving forward.

Posting on social media, just days before halfway through the 10-week project, which is due to be completed by November 22, the airport released a video interviewing main subcontractor Tom Dunn of FLI Carlow – Offsite Concrete Solutions.

Mr. Dunn said the project has led to the hiring of additional staff to handle the increased workload. Mr Dunn said an additional ten customers had been taken over recently.

FLI man Carlow also said Cork Airport is the fourth international airport project in the past two years.

Cork Airport closed its doors in September, to rebuild the runway along with an airport approach update, airport and ground lighting, runway edge and center line lighting.

The main runway reconstruction project (16/34) is supported by government funding of €10 million from the Ministry of Transport, announced in November 2020.

The reconstruction of Cork Airport’s main runway will be the fastest large-scale construction project undertaken in the state in recent years – 12 months from approval of funding to completion of major works – including EU bidding, design, regulatory approvals and construction.

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Cork Airport is investing over €40 million between 2020 and 2022 to upgrade and enhance critical infrastructure.

The airport is scheduled to reopen on the morning of November 22 after improvement work.