mars 24, 2023


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EU warns of post-Brexit data deal with UK

The European Commission has warned that a post-Brexit data-sharing agreement between the EU and Britain that supports cross-border business and services could be terminated immediately if London strays too far from privacy standards.

It follows an announcement of plans by the UK government to reform its data laws and reduce « unnecessary barriers and burdens » to sharing data with non-EU countries including the US and South Korea.

British newspapers briefed on the plans reported that the reforms would include scrapping aspects of the EU’s data protection standards, called GDPR. However, the UK government said in a press release that it intends to achieve its reforms while « maintaining parity with EU data standards ».

The EU’s seal of approval for the British Data Standards is vital for many Irish companies operating across the border as well as providing north-south healthcare, which depend on the seamless transmission of personal data to the UK.

Data sufficiency

The European Commission announced just two months ago that it had reached so-called data adequacy decisions in relation to the UK, which meant that data flows could continue as it judged UK data protection standards to be essentially equivalent to EU standards.

A spokesperson for the European Commission said the executive would « closely monitor any developments regarding UK data protection rules ».