mars 26, 2023


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‘Office Pass’ app to help manage a safe return to work

Evros, IT and business services company Eir, today launched an ‘Office Pass’ app designed to support the safe return of employees to the workplace.

Evros said she has spent the past year working closely with global companies to improve the technology and ensure it meets the needs of Irish companies today.

She added that new technology is the next step in helping companies get back to normal in a post-Covid-19 world.

Using the app, employees have the ability to choose how they work while ensuring that safety policies and social distancing guidelines are met.

Users can pre-book their offices from any device, giving them a safe place to work, while employers get a complete overview of who is there on any given day so they can manage their capabilities.

The Office Pass also supports an efficient hybrid work model, by allowing employees to see colleagues who are working from home or in the office, enabling more collaboration between team members.

It can also enhance the organization’s sustainability efforts by letting employees know their carbon footprint as they travel to and from the office.

Martin Wells, managing director of eir Business and Evros, said that as the country approaches a return to normalcy, future business models will see a mixture of remote work, hybrid work and in-office work.

Mr Wells said the ‘Office Pass’ app takes care of the safety and well-being of employees by ensuring business complies with the government’s Covid-19 regulations.

“We specifically designed this technology to be easy to implement and even easier to navigate, and we believe this will provide a great solution for businesses that want to manage their on-site presence over the coming weeks and months,” he added. .

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