mars 26, 2023


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Dublin Airport apologizes after ‘perfect storm’ caused 118 passengers to lose flights

Dublin Airport said it learned its lesson after 118 passengers missed their flights on Sunday morning due to delays in airport security.

Passengers had to queue for up to two hours to cross security and many complained that most offices were unmanned despite the number of passengers.

Daa spokesman Kevin Cullinan said Monday that they know in advance how many passengers will be arriving Sunday morning, but they didn’t expect so many to arrive at once.

The number of passengers leaving the airport on Sunday was down 4 percent from the previous Sunday.

“We raise our hands and apologise. We obviously did not have the number of security lines for the number of passengers who presented themselves in the first batch on Sunday morning.

“We, Dublin Airport/Da, were wrong and we apologize unreservedly to passengers who were stuck in queues for that time period and those who missed their flights.

“This is not how we want to run our business. Yesterday wasn’t a good day for us at the airport. We had a perfect storm of people introducing themselves in some cases four or five hours before the flight or others leaving too late.