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Deposit return system regulations for plastic bottles and aluminum cans have been signed

The Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for plastic bottles and aluminum cans will go into effect next year after Environment Secretary Eamonn Ryan signs new legislative regulations today.

The regulations will provide a framework for selecting an operator for the scheme, as well as outlining obligations on producers, retailers and point of return operators under the scheme.

The aim of the plan is to reduce single-use plastics, help Ireland meet EU goals and promote a broader circular economy.

The DRS is supposed to incentivize consumers to return their empty containers for recycling or reuse, and to help avoid plastic bottles and aluminum cans being disposed of as waste.

The Ministry of Environment worked closely with representatives from the beverage industry, who will fund and operate the system, in drafting the regulations.

The creation of the DRS was part of the government’s program, and the timeline for its creation was set out in the Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy, published in September 2020.

The next step is for Ryan to designate an authorized body to operate the system and determine the deposit rate to be paid.

The scheme is expected to be operational across the country in the third quarter of 2022

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In the Public Consultation Paper launched Ryan, who outlined three key ideas for the DRS last year, said Ireland must « adapt our approach to how we use and manage our resources ».

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« We must strive to keep resources circulating for as long as possible and introducing DRS is the first step in this, as we need to collect and recycle more plastic bottles and aluminum cans, » he said.