janvier 27, 2023


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Dublin Airport responded when Irish passengers split over a claim from Dr. Tony Holohan

Dublin Airport has issued a response to concerns that passengers’ Covid certificates will not be screened on entry into Ireland.

Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan raised the alarm on Wednesday when he revealed that his testimony had not been examined when he arrived in the country last week.

During the NPHET conference, Holohan said: « I am concerned about that and I had my own experience at Dublin Airport last Friday and was not screened in terms of my condition while I was screened on the other side.

« So I’m concerned about that. We have the means, we have the technology, the data, all that kind of thing to raise our collective performance in terms of enforcement and oversight. »

The current travel restrictions in place here make it mandatory for all passengers to show their digital Covid certificate proving vaccination, recent recovery or negative PCR test in order to enter.

The rules also apply to the passenger locator form, and since July 23, it is an offense to fail to fill out one of these rules to facilitate vital contact tracings.

On Friday morning, Dublin Airport officials took to social media to acknowledge the comments made and said there were two bodies responsible for checks on departures and arrivals that had nothing to do with the airport itself.

“After some recent comments, we would like to make it clear that departure checks are performed by airlines or their agents prior to flight and any spot checks for passengers arriving at Dublin Airport are the responsibility of state immigration officials,” their short statement read.

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Irish passengers divided over ‘No Covid Checks’ statement from Dr Tony Holohan as Dublin Airport responds

People were responding to claims made by their chief marketing officer with their own experience of no checks on arrival.

one person said; “Hmmm, this is interesting. I flew and arrived through Dublin port last month without any checks whatsoever.”

other books; “Nobody from the ‘immigration countries’ or Aer Lingus, whether in Spain or Dublin or on the plane, did any virus checks this afternoon. Can someone be held responsible here?! »

Meanwhile, a number of people came to Dublin Airport’s defense, and said their documents had been thoroughly checked before entry.

Someone wrote; « Traveling to Dublin Airport or Shannon Airport weekly. All my COVID documents are routinely checked. Immigration staff are always courteous, professional and efficient! »

Another said; « I have traveled to Dublin 3 times since the lifting of restrictions, vaccination certificates and all required documents were thoroughly checked each time, well done everyone. »

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