mars 27, 2023


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My gut tells me, « No »: Vicky Phelan hasn’t decided whether to start clinical trials in the US

Vicki Phelan has described herself as an « emotional state » as she agonizes over whether to start a new clinical trial in the US – but her guts tell her no.

In her latest update on social media, the CervicalCheck campaigner shared the news that the latest screening results have proven to be more positive than expected.

« I have had no new tumors and only one small increase in one of my tumors, » she said.

In the video, Vicki explained that a mass of five tumors was « rotating » in the aorta in the back of her abdomen and that it had been « steadily increasing » since her arrival in the United States.

The good news is that her cancer is growing slowly and she doesn’t have any new tumors, giving her time to decide what to do next.

In my situation, at this point, with metastatic cancer and 11 tumors, I think only one of them has increased a bit and I don’t have new tumors, that’s good news in my books

« I was very happy with that. »

The mother-of-two said she hadn’t made a decision yet on whether to take part in a US clinical trial, something she had been considering for some time.

« My intuition tells me not to start the new clinical trial at the National Institutes of Health for many reasons, » she said.

« It’s a Phase 1 trial, so it hasn’t been tested in humans, and there are currently no other patients enrolled, so I’m going to be the first patient and I don’t want to stay here for another six months away from my children. »

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Ms Phelan said she was looking at a « couple » of different options before deciding whether to take part in the trial and promised to provide an update when the call was made.