mai 29, 2023


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A supermarket shopper was terrified after capturing a video of two huge rats scurrying over pastries

People « couldn’t believe their eyes » after two huge mice were filmed running among some fresh food in a supermarket.

Footage posted on social media on Sunday depicted the ferrets navigating between fresh pastries in the store.

The scene was captured on video by director Anthony Metson, who posted the video on his website Instagram Stories before they are reposted Twitter by another user.

The pests were photographed at a Sainsbury’s store in the UK, with several people trying to locate them exactly.

Commenting on the now viral video, one person said, « Nooooooo. Look, that’s why I can’t eat those open baked things. That’s disgusting. »

Rodents were seen crawling among the fresh pastries in the store.

Another said, « This video is an excellent example of why supermarkets need to stop selling pastries in the open like this. It’s not just mice that are flies either. »

A third person wrote: « Simply don’t buy open food products from any bakery in the supermarket, they are all the same. Either it will work on mice/mice/flies or it will come in contact with dirty. »

Another said: « I can’t believe what my eyes see. »

While another added: « Thank God this wasn’t Lidl’s bakery. My heart would have broken. »

The supermarket chain said they were "Immediately investigate with the store".
The supermarket chain said it was « immediately checking with the store ».

Then, Mitson posted another video a day later showing a sign outside the supermarket telling customers that the store is closed.

The sign reads: « This store is closed at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience. »

Sainsbury’s spokesperson mirror said: « We are immediately investigating with the store. »

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