février 9, 2023


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A popular cafe in the city center was forced to close after attacks on employees

A popular cafe in downtown Dublin has been forced to close after a number of attacks on its staff.

It’s a trap on Denmark Street, Dublin 1 He announced via social media that due to three recent attacks and one robbery, they will be closing their doors.

Sharing a photo on Instagram that appeared to depict liquid splattering violently through the cafe’s windows and front door, the owners wrote: « The situation doesn’t seem to be getting better, which is why we’ve decided to announce that we will be closing our shop in 2022. » [It] It will not be an instant shutdown.

« In the coming months, we will be looking for a new location to continue operating our store. »

They continued, « We are very sorry with all our local customers [it] It is possible that we have stayed at work throughout the pandemic, and we really appreciate all the support, but our mental and physical health is at risk.

« Today was a really traumatic experience for us, as we were physically assaulted, abused and threatened. At this point, we feel really desperate about it. »

The owner of the cafe explained to warm atmosphere On Liveline, he and his wife were attacked yesterday and they are planning to look for a new place where they can do business.

gardy He confirmed to Dublin Live that they are investigating a public order incident that occurred in the building yesterday afternoon.

The café staff was quick to share their support for the owners and staff with one Instagram user who wrote: “This area is not worth being in, you deserve so much better than this and I hope you find the perfect spot for that great café.”

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Another commented, « It’s a great cafe and great friendly staff! Hope you find a new location, although terrible you should have had to in the first place. »

It’s A Trap has become a favorite of locals in the area, serving coffee, hot drinks, sandwiches, wraps, and desserts. It is also a favorite of pet owners Because it is a dog friendly facility.

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